Magnetic Therapy Could Ease Arthritis

Magnet Therapy       Magnet Therapy Could It Ease Your Arthritis? In the papers you will come across advertisements for magnetic products and solutions. There are a lot of accounts regarding exactly how magnetic therapy might decrease persistent problems. […]


RARE EARTH MAGNETs (NEODYMIUM , SMCO, ALNICO), PERMANENT MAGNETS HARD FERRIT PERMANENT NEODYMIUM and HARD FERRIT MAGNETS are dark gray alloy. They are composed of Neodymium, Iron and Boron. Density of Neodymium magnets is .27Lb/in3 (7.5g/cm3). the basic magnetic parameters […]

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Magnetic name Badges

Magnetic name Badges. All you should know about them. Magnetic name Tags¬†are getting more popular these days. Users, especially professionals as well as students, often come out with the verdict that there is something charismatic about these materials. These magnetic […]