Air Conditioning 101 for consummers

Residential Air Conditioning 101 for consummers

Just where to start?  and if you are reading this you are probably thinking the same thing.  Let’s just get started.

residential ac hvac systems are what we do
2 New AC units installed in Richardson

Your AC/Furnace basically does 2 things it heats your house and cools your house all through the thermostat.

These are really 2 separate systems.  The AC portion  has Freon pumped through it and it cools the coils and an fan runs air over it which is pushed into your living room through the piping.   Air conditioners come in several sizes.  a 5 ton ac system will cool PROPERLY 2500- 3200 square feet. usually.  If you have 15 ft ceilings that may be reduced some.  Usually a ton will cool 500-650

ish hundred square feet.  There is a definition for a ton and you can get that at Wikipedia if you want but it won’t help you buy a new AC system.  If you have a 2000 square ft house do not buy a 5 ton and think it will cool better.  It will probably do worse actually.  the tonnage has to meet the house size.

Seer rating is the governments way of telling us how economically this AC should cool your house.  13 – 14 seer is the basic  basic standard.  13s are being phased out and can’t be sold in TX after June next year.   You can purchase well beyond 20 seer but 14 seer will do the average household very nicely.  Do you save some when you move to a 17 seer unit ?  yes you do every month.  a 17 seer will probably save you 75 to 100 per month but will cost several thousand dollars more initially.

Another thing they are phasing out is the R-22 refrigerant.  The refrigerant is the gas that runs through the pipes to make the system cools for you.  ENSURE THE SYSTEM YOU PURCHASE IS AN R-410 SYSTEM.   As time goes by r 22 will become more scarce and probably more costly.  With a 410 system there are no adapters, and no costly upgrades later.

Then there is the price of a system and these are all over the map.   Generally however :

An R-410 system will not cost you more and will save issues in the future

Find a company that has been in business for at least 10 years

The big companies that advertise all of the time on television are paying for that advertisement somehow so their prices are probably higher

A guy that is an AC Tech and is doing this as a side thing on the weekends is probably a bad idea because who do you go to when there is a warranty issue?

The quality of the installation is EVERYTHING!  Go with a reputable company!  Not necessarily the most marketed.  Ask your neighbors

Purchase a unit that fits the size of your home.  A 5 ton unit is a really bad idea for a 1300 sq. foot home.

13 seer is being phased out.  14 seer is the smallest efficiency rating that will be available as of June 2016.  There is nothing wrong with a 14 seer unit what so ever.  I do not mean to give you that idea it is fine for 90 % of the home owners.  You can purchase a higher seer rated unit and save some every month but it will cost you more to purchase.  So, just do the math.  Most systems we sell are 14 seer.

As far as the brand & price:  Do some homework.   There are better brands and lesser brands.  If you take a Trane system and price it among 5 companies you will get 5 different prices.  At that point you need to look into whether that company has been in business for at least 10 years, ask for references ask your neighbors and one more time the quality of the installation is everything.

Richardson Mechanical sell 80% Lennox (based right here in Texas).  It is a tier 1 product and gives our customers very little problem, the warranties are great and we install them correctly.  By the way we have been in business for 20 years.

So what do we have?

We have the proper tonnage for the size of the house.

We have at least 14 seer to save money now and compatibility issues later on.

R 410 the refrigerant that you want to hear coming out of your dealers mouth because of near term phaseouts and again issues down the road.

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