More Information:  Magnetic therapy and magnets may help you or someone you know who has pain and suffers from:  Headaches, Back Pain, Menstrual Pain, Arthritis, Knee Pain, Elbow Pain, Foot Pain, Leg Pain, Wrist Pain and many more. How Magnets Help Heal Our Bodies […]

Neodymium Magnets for use in Cabinetry

Neodymium is a material derived from lanthanide group Rare Earth elements which are known for their magnetic holding characteristics. Two factors account for the increased strength of rare earth magnets: #1.  The crystal structure of the material easily magnetizes along […]

4 Of The Best Quinceanera Dresses

4 Of The Best Quinceanera Dresses By Hera X  |   Submitted On January 13, 2015 Are you planning on attending a birthday party and you don’t know the right quinceanera dress to wear? Here are some of the best outfits that you should […]

Quinceanera Planning and Facilities in Garland TX

Quinceanera Dresses – 5 Tips on Selection By Maria M. Cruz  |   Submitted On September 06, 2016 So you’re having your Quinceanera? Finding the right quinceanera dress can be a long and hard process. But it can be a fun experience […]