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Quinceanera Dresses – 5 Tips on Selection

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So you’re having your Quinceanera? Finding the right quinceanera dress can be a long and hard process. But it can be a fun experience too because there are so many dresses to choose from. Whether you are looking for a traditional dress or something more modern, cities like Houston offer plenty of glamorous quinceanera dress stores to choose from.

I have helped plan hundreds of quinceaneras in the greater Houston area and I know plenty about buying quinceanera dresses in and out of downtown. Downtown, most dress shops and bridal boutiques offer some of the more modern styles available in places like New York, Madrid, and Mexico City. But these dresses can also be more expensive. You can normally find more bargains outside of downtown in your city’s suburbs. But in the end, your dress selection depends mostly on personal style and your quinceanera theme.

Five tips to buying quinceanera dresses:

1. Never buy a quinceanera dress online because you never know what kind of fabric you are going to get. Will it be too tight? Too loose? Too rough? Will the style allow you to move freely while dancing? Will you be able to do everything you want to do? There are just too many potential problems if you buy a dress online. Always try a dress on before buying it.

2. Moms, I recommend taking your daughters to at least three different quinceanera dress stores before buying anything. In cities like Houston, there are plenty of dress shops to choose from. Many quinceanera-related stores are grouped together so you don’t have to do much driving. And downtown, you can find some of the more modern boutiques. Plus, there are a number of bridal stores that offer great deals on quince dresses too.

Note* Your budget will tell you whether or not you should venture out to some of the more expensive boutiques or if you should stay away from downtown areas and look for something more traditional. You can also look online for ideas about styles and themes but, remember, you should always go to an actual dress store and try it on before purchasing.

3. Remember that more expensive quinceanera dresses in Houston are not always the best. I have seen some homemade quinceanera dresses outshine even the most expensive boutique quinceanera dress! So don’t be afraid to look at some of the smaller, less expensive quinceanera dress stores. They still have some great selections.

4. Different dresses accentuate different body types. When trying dresses on, be sure to try lots of different styles to determine what fits your daughter the best. Make sure you can move freely in the dresses. There is nothing worse than not being able to move in a stiff dress (especially for a fifteen year old girl). I have seen several Houston quinceaneras turn bad because the quince girl bought a dress that looked beautiful but it did not allow her enough movement. You can only imagine the scene after the dress ripped!

5. Considering how hot Houston and many other Texas cities can be, another thing to take into consideration is the weather. Nothing can be worse for a 15-year old girl than to be wearing an uncomfortable dress in 100-degree heat. Thin, stretchable material is the perfect Houston quinceanera dress. So be sure to take comfort into consideration as much as fashion. Trust me. A happy daughter= A happier mother.

The bottom line is to be smart about buying a quinceanera dress. Be patient and have fun with it. Try on as many as dresses possible before deciding. I have known a few girls to find their perfect gown after trying on twenty Houston quinceanera dresses! If you are having trouble, don’t worry because you will find what you are looking for if you keep trying!

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